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yes-i-am-sherlocked said: Hi, I just wanted to say that I love you and your blog is my fav :) *blushes*

awwwww, I don’t know what to say! Thank you, I’m so honoured to be your favourite blog and your words of affection make ME blush!

Thank you again for your message and have a lovely day/night (depending on where you are at the moment (; ) <3 <3 <3

dear mass media and newspapers:

  • please stop saying that all Benedict’s fans are females
  • please stop saying that all Benedict’s fans are teenagers
  • please stop referring to me as a “Cumberbitch” because I don’t particularly relate to that label but mostly because i’m not okay with you always using it to make fun of us devoted fans
  • please stop saying that we’re/I’m mad because Benedict could possibly have a girlfriend/boyfriend/pet/new bedside table BECAUSE EVEN IF ALL THAT USELESS RUMORS WERE TRUE I COULDN’T BE HAPPIER FOR HIM BECAUSE I’M FINE WITH SOMEONE TAKING CARE OF HIM PERSONALLY AND LOVING HIM BECAUSE HE IS WHAT HE IS AND NOT BECAUSE HE IS FAMOUS (i know this last sentence can be dumb but that’s what I feel)
  • I have a 0,00000000000000000000000000001% chance to get engaged to Benedict and I’m perfectly aware of that and I still live my life and do things without crying all the time in bed because of that
  • please stop talking about me/us as if I/we follow him only because he is sexy and etc. because in my case IS NOT TRUE i don’t buy DVDs because I have money to waste and I like to see them on a bookshelf. Yes, I find him handsome and all but those are not the main reasons why I follow him so obsessively
  • I will say that again if it hasn’t been clear: I don’t give a damn about Benedict’s private life if he isn’t okay with sharing it with the public. I’m another human being and I have (strangely) a life of my own, I will always do something else (maybe read a book, watch a tv show) instead of trying all day all night to discover something he doesn’t want people to know and tell it to the gossip tabloids. If he has a girlfriend, I will wait for him to declare his relationship public.

I’m not talking on all the fandom’s behalf absolutely, I just wanted to say out loud some thoughts which have been in my mind for some time. Sorry for the possible English mistakes, hate me how much you want now but this is my true opinion.

*drops mic*

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